DisneyResearch|Studios Faculty Grant

Each year DisneyResearch|Studios recognize scientific excellence of top professors in their fields through the DisneyResearch|Studios Faculty Grant.

DisneyResearch|Studios seeks to identify professors conducting cutting-edge, innovative research, training high quality students, and whose work is advancing in the focus areas of DisneyResearch|Studios. While professors may be from any discipline, the majority of awards go to professors in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and visual computing or whose research has a particular relevance for DisneyResearch|Studios.

The DisneyResearch|Studios Faculty Grant is an unrestricted contribution to the university on a faculty member’s behalf. No contracts are required and Disney makes no claims on any intellectual property rights resulting from the award.
In addition to financial contribution, awardees are invited to voluntarily participate in an internal Disney workshop to foster collaboration and inspire new ideas: “If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney

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First, think.
Second, believe.
Third, dream
And finally, dare.

–Walt Disney