Martin Guay

Research Area: Animation

I am a computer animation scientist currently working on intelligent virtual characters (embodied agents and personal assistants)—imbuing them with the ability to navigate digital environments, react realistically to perturbations and to converse in a realistic manner. Part of my work ties into novel ways to interact with digital characters through augmented reality. I am originally from Canada, where I did my Bachelor’s in Mathematics, at Sherbrooke University. I spent some time in Montreal developing video games such Blood Bowl and Game of Thrones before going deeper into research and doing my Master’s on real-time fluid simulations. After that, I transitioned to character animation for my Ph.D. (from INRIA in France)—where I devised novel interfaces for authoring character animations. At DisneyResearch|Studios I am working on the control of (under-actuated) simulated characters, as well controllers for conversational motion.