Data Sets

Volumetric Cloud Data

This dataset contains a subset of the clouds used within the paper “Deep Scattering: Rendering Atmospheric Clouds with Radiance-Predicting Neural Networks”. Each cloud is bundled as a volumetric density grid in Field3D and VDB format and comes with preview images and visualizations of cross-sections in 3 orthogonal directions.

Real-time Rendering with Compressed Animated Light Fields

Color and depth data of our modified Sponza scene, rendered using RenderMan. The dataset contains color and depth images from nine probes, six faces each, 600 frames each.

Deep Learning Denoising Dataset

Machine learning Monte Carlo denoising dataset. The dataset contains pairs of noisy renderings and references rendered with many samples. The scenes are random perturbations of creative commons scenes rendered using the Tungsten renderer.

Foliage Dataset

Test dataset from the paper Editable Parametric Dense Foliage from 3D Capture, ICCV 2017.

Shell Transport Function Dataset

Tabulated database of shell-transport functions that quantify light transport in homogeneous media bounded by a spherical shell.

High Quality Eye Capture Dataset

The provided dataset contains two scans of the right and left eyes of a person with blue eyes. One scan consists of an eyeball mesh, a sequence of iris meshes in different dilation states, iris and sclera textures, and a limbus opacity map. Also, a photo is included for reference.