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Kernel-Based Frame Interpolation for Spatio-Temporally Adaptive Rendering

July 23, 2023, ACM Siggraph 2023

Karlis Martins Briedis (DisneyResearch|Studios / ETH Zürich), Abdelaziz Djelouah (DisneyResearch|Studios), Raphaël Ortiz (DisneyResearch|Studios), Mark Meyer (Pixar Animation Studios)
Markus Gross (DisneyResearch|Studios / ETH Zürich), Christopher Schroers (DisneyResearch|Studios)

Graph-Based Synthesis for Skin Micro Wrinkles

July 3, 2023
Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing (2023)

Sebastian Weiss (DisneyResearch|Studios) Jonathan Moulin (Industrial Light & Magic) Prashanth Chandran (DisneyResearch|Studios) Gaspard Zoss (DisneyResearch|Studios) Paulo Gotardo (DisneyResearch|Studios) Derek Bradley(DisneyResearch|Studios)