An Event-Centric Approach to Authoring Stories in Crowds


We present a graphical authoring tool for creating complex narratives in large, populated areas with crowds of virtual humans.

October 10, 2016
Motion in Games 2016



Mubbasir Kapadia (Rutgers University)

Alexander Shoulson (Disney Research)

Cyril Steimer (Disney Research/ETH Joint B.Sc.)

Samuel Oberholzer (Disney Research/ETH Joint B.Sc.)

Robert W. Sumner (Disney Research)

Markus Gross (Disney Research/ETH Zurich)

An Event-Centric Approach to Authoring Stories in Crowds


With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, our system enables an untrained author to assemble story arcs in terms of narrative events that seamlessly control either principal characters or choreographed heterogeneous crowds within the same conceptual structure. Smart Crowds allow groups of characters to be dynamically assembled and scheduled with ambient activities, while also permitting individual characters to be selected from the crowd and featured more prominently as an individual in a story with more sophisticated behavior. Our system runs in real-time at interactive rates with no pause or costly pre-computation step between creating a story and simulating it, making this approach ideal for storyboarding or previsualization of narrative sequences.

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