Visual Computing

We strive to improve Disney’s production pipelines and creative processes, expanding the designer’s toolbox in terms of rendering, animation, capture, stylization, interaction, and efficiency. Our technology allows designers to tell their story. We also develop algorithms to better understand our audiences and create new modes of interaction.

Latest Publications

Deep Adaptive Sampling and Reconstruction using Analytic Distributions

November 30, 2022
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia (2022)

Farnood Salehi (DisneyResearch|Studios) Marco Manzi (DisneyResearch|Studios) Gerhard Röthlin (DisneyResearch|Studios) Christopher Schroers (DisneyResearch|Studios) Romann Weber (DisneyResearch|Studios) Marios Papas (DisneyResearch|Studios)

Automatic Feature Selection for Denoising Volumetric Renderings

April 7, 2022
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (EGSR) (2022)

Xianyao Zhang (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Joint Ph.D.) Melvin Ott (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Joint M.Sc.) Marco Manzi (DisneyResearch|Studios) Markus Gross (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Zurich) Marios Papas (DisneyResearch|Studios)

Neural Frame Interpolation for Rendered Content

November 30, 2021

Karlis Martins Briedis (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Joint PhD) Abdelaziz Djelouah (DisneyResearch|Studios) Mark Meyer (Pixar Animation Studios)Ian McGonigal (Industrial Light & Magic) Markus Gross (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Zurich) Christopher Schroers (DisneyResearch|Studios)