Haplug: A Haptic Plug for Dynamic VR Interactions


We demonstrate applications of a new actuator, the Haplug, in dynamic virtual environments.

February 14, 2017
Asia Haptics 2017



Nobuhisa Hanamitsu (Disney Research)

Ali Israr (Disney Research)

Haplug: A Haptic Plug for Dynamic VR Interactions


The haplug is a linear voice coil motor packaged between springs in a plug-like casing. Response and bandwidth of the haplug are optimized for haptic interactions, and tuned by the motor inertia and spring stiffness. A pair of haplugs is mounted on the hand-tracking controllers of HTC Vive and renders a variety of haptic feedback, such as, feelings to colors, interactions with objects, surface texture and dynamic object behaviors. The Haptic Plug allows rich control of haptic effects in VR and other interactive settings.

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