Post Doctoral Associate


A Post Doctoral Associate contributes to a research portfolio that includes projects led by a Senior Research Scientist or Research Scientist, as well as smaller self-initiated projects. Self-initiated projects should be based on needs gathered from The Walt Disney Studios, areas of expertise available in the labs, and knowledge of the research frontier. Typical responsibilities of a Post Doctoral Associate include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Collaborate with experts and executives at The Walt Disney Studios to identify research problems worthy of research investment.
  • Conceive and propose technical solutions to research problems identified by Studio partners.
  • Contribute and deliver strategic programs and projects at DisneyResearch|Studios.
  • Conduct and direct research inspired by those problems.
  • Conceive, research, and deliver tech prototypes for projects.
  • Present research problems, plans, and results.
  • Document research in internal reports, peer-reviewed publications, and patent applications.
  • Work with The Walt Disney Studios to commercialize research results.
  • Provide expert consulting to various groups within The Walt Disney Studios.

General application information

To be considered for this job, submit your CV and a cover letter that details your area of specialization and links to any representative papers. If you are selected to move forward in the process, we may request names and contact information for three or more letters of reference.

Job Application - Post Doctoral Associate