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Learning Dynamic 3D Geometry and Texture for Video Face Swapping

October 05, 2022
Pacific Graphics (2022)

Christopher Otto (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Joint PhD) Jacek Naruniec (DisneyResearch|Studios) Leonhard Helminger (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Joint PhD) Thomas Etterlin (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Joint M.Sc.) Graziana Mignone (DisneyResearch|Studios) Prashanth Chandran (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Joint PhD) Gaspard Zoss (DisneyResearch|Studios) Christopher Schroers (DisneyResearch|Studios) Markus Gross (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH) Paulo Gotardo (DisneyResearch|Studios) Derek Bradley (DisneyResearch|Studios) Romann Weber (DisneyResearch|Studios)

Automatic Feature Selection for Denoising Volumetric Renderings

April 7, 2022
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (EGSR) (2022)

Xianyao Zhang (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Joint Ph.D.) Melvin Ott (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Joint M.Sc.) Marco Manzi (DisneyResearch|Studios) Markus Gross (DisneyResearch|Studios/ETH Zurich) Marios Papas (DisneyResearch|Studios)